Jonsered Tractor 77cm Steel Deck, Manual, collect Ride On Mower

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Product Information
A new, compact-sized garden tractor with integral collector. Easy to manoeuvre in tighter areas. Comfortable operation thanks to the wide step-through area, adjustable seat and easy-access controls. Excellent cutting and collecting performance with the single-bladed cutting deck and spacious collector. The cutting deck is equipped with water hose connection for easy cleaning. Mulch plug available as accessory.

In 1954, Jonsered produced the prototype for today's modern chain saw when the world's first light, one-man chain saw was presented. The brush cutter arrived the following year and the innovations have followed one after another ever since. Jonsered is an old, traditional industrial community by the Säve river outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Jonsered's factories were established here in 1834. By the 1880's the manufacture of wood processing machinery had started, leading towards the products Jonsered manufacture today. Throughout the world Jonsered has a high level of innovation, their own product development team and owns several patented designs. Production is carried out in 20 factories in 10 countries including Sweden, Norway, USA and Japan. Marketing is carried out by our own subsidiary companies and agents in more than 60 countries. Jonsered is represented by approximately 6,000 dealers worldwide.

Key Features

* Integrated collector -

Large integrated collector for tidy cutting results. Perfect for collecting leaves as well as grass.


* Easy to empty collector -

The integrated collector is easily emptied from the driver’s seat.


* Full collector indicator -

A signal indicates when it is time to empty the collector.


* Compact design -

The compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre the mower in smaller spaces. Also requires less space for storage.


* Step-through chassis -

The step-through chassis design makes the tractor easy to climb on and off.


* Dual draglinks -

The dual draglinks give tight turning radius and improved manoeuvrability.


* Easy-access cutting height adjustment -

Cutting height adjustment is easily managed from the driver’s seat. The cutting deck is also spring-assisted, which further enhances your comfort.


* Adjustable seat -

The seat is easily adjustable while seated. It slides forward/down and backwards/up.


* Comfortable steering wheel -

Comfortable steering wheel for optimum driver’s ergonomics.


* Headlights -

Headlights for convenient operation in dark conditions.


* Pivoting front axle -

The pivoting front axle ensures good balance and excellent driving comfort.


* Water hose connection -

Facilitates cleaning of the cutting deck and makes it easier to keep your tractor in good condition for a long time. A clean deck always gives the best cutting results.


* Cup holder -

Convenient cup holder for bringing refreshments while mowing.


* Mulching accessory -

Convert your tractor to mulching, which finely cuts the grass into small pieces that decompose and return to the lawn as fertilizer.


* Reverse Operating System (ROS) -

The ROS improves your safety by disengaging the cutting blades when you are driving in reverse.


* Safety switch under seat -

The safety switch, placed under the seat, automatically stops the engine and the cutting deck if you leave the seat.


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