Stihl BG86C-E Petrol Blower

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Product Code: Stihl BG86C-E Petrol Blower
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Part of Stihl's new line of low emission handheld leaf blowers, the Stihl BG86C-E has all the comfort features you need to work for hours at a time. The Stihl BG86-E professional use petrol leaf blower is equipped with a throttle lock and stop switch, along with a semi-automatic choke lever for smoother starts and ease of operation. Designed with our four-spring anti-vibration system, this Stihl BG86C-E leaf and debris blower is both powerful and fuel efficient- letting you run longer between fuel stops.'Ergostart' Stihl's answer to easier starting 2-stroke engines, please see option below

Stihl BG86C-E Technical data 
Displacement: 27.2 cm³ 
Weight: 4.5 kg 
Max Air Throughput: (m³/h) 810 
Vibration levels: 1.7 m/s² 
Sound power level: 103.0 dB(A) 
Sound pressure level: 90.0 dB(A) 

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