Makita EK6100 Petrol Disc Cutter 110mm Cut Easy Start EK6100 C/W FREE DIAMOND BLADE

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Product Code: Makita EK6100 Petrol Disc Cutter
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The EK6100 is a Power cutter 305mm (12") equipped with a 61cm³ 2-stroke engine with stratified scavenging system to comply with all known exhaust emission regulations.

  • 110mm cutting depth, the largest cutting depth of ANY 12" saw currently available
  • Lightweight, 1.2kg (2.6lbs) lighter than DPC6430 cutter
  • Enhanced air filtration; cyclone pre-separation system effectively removes dust particles away from intake air and reduces dust stuck on the filter
  • Rapid start - pull force required to start the machine is drastically reduced with spring-assisted recoil starter
  • Touch and Stop Switch
  • Fuel primer for easy starting
  • High quality driving belt does not require tensioning once the proper tension is adjusted
  • Patented Leak Proof fuel tank ventilation avoids fuel leakage even when cutter is tilted
  • Enhanced Air Filtration
  • Water supply with intake filter and fine adjustment for adequate dust protection

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